About Us

We are a game development team formed by the multi-faceted cult Team PHIJKCHU.


The Phijkchu Games studio was created after critical events surrounding the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britian lead to a need for action among Team PHIJKCHU members.
This royal exigence lead to a variety of creative productions, and in the case of the particular member Rusp, this drive found its form in the art of video games.

After a turn of events, this eventually lead to the creation of an informal game development studio, featuring more members.
In its current state, however, Phijkchu Games is still very small and unoragnized, so we humbly ask for your gratuitous support.


Team PHIJKCHU has a deep culture, and the strength of that culture is our true strength.
In all of our work, we strive to achieve a conduct that expresses the heart and soul of life, that embodies the spirit and essence of what it means to be a PHIJKCHU.


P owerful
H appy
I ntillgent
J oking
K ool
C ool
H opeful
U ltimate

Through thick and thin, we have maintained a stalwart grasp on these core values.


Phijkchu Games is proud of its distinctly non-professional tradition.
Rough edges, no interpolation -- we'll give it to you straight & honest.
In a world where everyone strives to be as perfect and risk-free as possible, we hope our take on creativity is one some might find refreshing.