~ Rusp ~
Studio Executive, Game Developer
>Element: Normal, Ohio
>Abilities: Seven, Lennod, Funny
>Skills: Design, Programming, Music, Graphics
>Weakness: Friends with bio
Father. Son. Husband.
~ Pirate ~
Studio Executive, Game Developer, Web Designer
>Element: Ghost, Water, Sock
>Abilities: Genius, Piracy, Funny
>Skills: Design, Writing, Cinematography, Programming, Sound Design, Music, Graphics
>Weakness: Armour purchase, Forum leaks
hello I am genius thing maker
anyone else enjoy School Rumble?
~ Pika ~
Cult Leader, Concept Artist, Asset Producer
>Element: Electric, Mathematics, Canadian
>Abilities: Trading, Laughing at, Coin collection
>Skills: Design, Mathematics, Cinematography, Sound Design, Voice Acting
>Weakness: Smooth foods, NWRD
Hey all, this is Phijkchu_Redactedakchu. I am totally not a copywritten character by a big Japanese Company.
I make various mouth noises and art for all PHIJKCHU projects and games.
Mushroom Master is my intellectual (key word being intellect) property.
~ Garbage ~
Illustrator, Concept Artist, Asset Producer
>Element: Poison, Dragon, Pitbull
>Abilities: Spoilers if I ever make my movie, but sure
>Skills: Graphics, Illustration
>Weakness: VRChat, Schizophrenia
Immortal piece of sentient trash. How unfortunate.
Known to dawdle around lackadaisically with a pencil in hand.
Major Powers:Trashakinesis-Able to telepathically move polution and garbage in an enviromentRegeneration? - Able to reform body parts or make new ones from trash. Not techically regeneratingTeleportation- Suprisingly not limited to access to trash, it's often used to go from one source to another despite the fact.World Bound- Upon death, will awaken as a random pile of trash somewhere in the world, although typically nearby the point of death.Minor Powers:Poison ImmunityLow Level Technology ManipulationWill take attributes of the trash currently making up body.Immune to posession or mental attacks due to low intellect and 'Sick and Twisted' brain.
~ Gent ~
Worldbuilder, Asset Producer
>Element: Poison, Fire
>Abilities: Cooking, Saying words, Discerning suspicious and/or dangerous individuals
>Skills: Writing, Graphics
>Weakness: Pizza, Max Akito, Carbs
POC, URealms whistleblower, racial justice activist, post-Weimar Republic historian, home cook
~ Spooky ~
>Element: Freedom, Water
>Abilities: <REDACTED>
>Skills: Mysterious procurement of funding, Business, Monkey Tier List
>Weakness: Monkey Tier List
[[No person shall be... compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself...]]

-- U.S Const. Amend V